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Building Trades Credit Union Direct Campaign

September 20, 2010

We originally met and worked with Marketing Director, Andrea Ferkingstand and 45 Degrees back in the 90's when Andrea was with People's Bank (see our Spotlight section for more details).  Lucky for us, Andrea found a new home at "BTCU" that appreciated her (and our) quirky sense of humor.

This latest round of direct mail pieces continues the down-to-earth, fun-loving tone that has won us praise and the BTCU more business from their building trades customers.

"Andrea is not afraid to stand out," explains Quasimodo Creative Director, Gary Bingner.  "Not all clients appreciate the value of being a little outrageous at times.  But Andrea knows her members.  These are men and women in the construction trades.  They work really hard, but they also like to have fun.  Having a credit union that talks their language appeals to them."

Gary looks forward to continuing to build the BTCU business in 2011.

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