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Quasi creates 4 new videos for Deluxe/Banker's Dashboard

March 13, 2012

The highest compliment a client can pay us (besides to pay us, that is), is to invite us back to create new work for them.  And that's exactly what happened with the Deluxe Corporation.

Working with Derek Bourcy and Kathy Cripe of Deluxe, the Quasi Crew crafted four new videos to promote Banker's Dashboard, a sophisticated tool to help banker's manage their business more efficiently and with greater automation.

Joining Creative Director, Gary Bingner, were Senior Art Director, Paul Schupanitz, Director of Photography, Roger Sackett, Makeup Artist, Jen Rotty, and a host of talent local actors playing the bankers.

"Banker's Dashboard is a very complex and important tool," explained Gary Bingner, "but since we weren't making a tutorial, we needed to boil its benefits down to a few minutes of video.  It was a challenging job, but my team thrives on a challenge.  That and fruit smoothies."

"We are grateful to Deluxe for yet another opportunity," concludes Bingner.  "There's a great energy in their corporate offices and we love to be part of it."

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