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Quasi Team Creates Five New Videos for OBGYN West

November 26, 2009

In the biggest update to the website so far, the Quasi Team created five new videos to live on the websites homepage.

"We are very proud of this work and think it serves the doctors well," offers Quasimodo Advertising Creative Director, Gary Bingner.  "Women who are selecting a new gynecologist or obstetrician like to gather as much information as they can before they make their choice.  These videos not only speak greatly to the doctors' expertise, they also humanize them with their easy-going interview style."

The first video is an introduction to the doctors and their clinic, the second talks about OBGYN West's expertise using da Vinci robotic surgery for minimally invasive procedures, the third video explains the clinics' online service, the fourth highlights their considerable experience with fibroids and the last video takes us inside a radio studio to see Dr. Grootwassink as he guest stars on Dr. Heegaard's radio program, "The Gyno Show".

"I couldn't be happier with how these videos turned out for OBGYN West," adds Bingner.  "I think it raises their game above and beyond anything else that's out there in the Twin Cities for OBGYN's.

As a result of the work done on this website, Quasimodo has received other calls from clinics interested in raising the bar in their specialty.

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