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Quasimodo's New Website is Here!

November 24, 2010

In anticipation of their 20th year in business, Quasimodo Advertising is proud to announce the all-new website.  Here is what people are saying about our new site:

“The home page is terrific. So darn creative”.  Pat W.

“Your site looks phenomenal.  Excellent work.”  Michelle M.

“Too many bald jokes.” Steve H.

“This is stupendous!  Well conceived, fun and funny.” Stephen R.

“LOOK AT THAT FAT CLIENT LIST!  Very nice!”  Jill M.

“Second paragraph add comma after Target in the series of client.”  Cyd B.

“I like it a lot.  It reflects your casual, funny, professional persona beautifully.” Patrick C.

“Wow. Nice job. Makes an impressive case.”  Paul S.

“It was lots of fun.” Jim G.

“I love it!”  Lucia S..

“Has anybody seen my wallet?”  David C.

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